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Seen on promo for "America's Got Talent" -NBC

Seen on Fred Willard's "Great Celebrations and Parades of the World" on The Travel Channel

Seen on promo for Stan Lee's "Who Wants to Be a Superhero" on E! Entertainment and The Sci-Fi Channel

Seen on "Blind Date" on UPN

Hear Count Smokula on Livid Looking Glass podcast -#7 and singing his Livid Looking Glass Theme Song on different podcasts   http://ww.lividlookingglass.com/podcast.html

Read about The Count's exploits as Ringmaster of The Vamphear Circus in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba http://www.nsgtmo.navy.mil/htmpgs/gazetteonline.htm

"Transylbearian Woods" in Bear Family 30th Anniversary Compilation Album (Germany) Produced by Ray Campi

Inducted into Rockabilly Hall of Fame http://www.rockabillyhall.com

"Zombie" in Mr. Snail's Halloween Party" compilation album

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